why wordwound

In case you were curious – 

I wanted a word to describe how it felt to be unable to convey extreme emotions. I wanted a word that perfectly expressed the feeling you get when you had a million words to say to describe a particular experience, but none of them felt just right. I wanted a pretty word for being tongue-tied, being dumbfounded, at a loss for words – what it means to feel like you’re surrounded by all these words, but unable to use any of them.

And so, “wordwound” was born. It’s pronounced [wurd] (rhymes with heard, herd, bird), and [wound] (rhymes with hound, bound, crowned). 

This blog is me ambling through my life trying to find the right words (and sometimes pictures!) for my adventures, feelings, and thoughts. I hope you’re ready to get wordwound with me.  🙂