I used to think that life should have a road map – one that you could use to help you find your way, or even just help you figure out where you went wrong in the first place.

I’ve never been good with people, even as a child, which is what makes this whole post so much harder.

I don’t know if anyone actually reads the things I write and connects with them in any way, but I do know it feels good to have a creative outlet.

I always believed that I would never be a “people person”. Some of us were born to be social butterflies, and I was not one of them. I am neither a butterfly nor a caterpillar; I am a worm. A book worm, to be exact.

On the road to self realization, I ask myself many questions. Where did my drive go? Aren’t I too young to have lost it already? What makes it okay for me to try ten times harder for other people than myself?

It seems in trying to answer all my questions for myself, I come up with catch-22 solutions – all of which have me searching for that elusive road map.



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