Tokyo Pearls

Have you ever wondered where creativity and inspiration come from? Inside? Outside? One specific place? Everywhere?
For example, this post’s title was inspired by a bottle of nail polish (which actually doesn’t look half bad on my nails, if I do say so myself).

As for where inspiration comes from, I have a few ideas…

Maybe there’s this really special place that holds a gigantic pool of water, and every drop in that pool contains every idea imaginable. Sometimes, when the pool gets full, the drops fall down as invisible rain and leave little splashes in the minds of men, women and children alike. These splashes create ripples, and behold! Something wonderful is born.

Or maybe inspiration exists as the Muses of mythology and ancient folklore: as ethereal beings, mainly female, who arrive to artists and those aspiring to be artists and whisper in their ears of fragments of wondrous ideas.

Better yet, perhaps creativity and inspiration exist as invisible feathers in the air. They float by, aimlessly, sometimes bumping into us lightly. Perhaps we never really notice them until a bunch of them settle lightly on our heads and we feel the sudden urge to grab a pen, paintbrush, chisel, or instrument. Perhaps it is our invisible feathered crowns that help us believe that we can fly.

Inspiration can be found in nature, in people, in places, in everyday objects; I guess it doesn’t really matter too much where you find it, just what you choose to do with it. You can howl at the moon all you want, but it’ll never be at your fingertips unless you let yourself be a little more vulnerable to the world around you. It is not something to be grabbed at; it is a bird that comes to rest on your shoulder when you least expect it. It exists outside you, but it connects to things inside you too. It’s a spark, but you’re the kindling.
You cannot help the thoughts you think, and neither can you help the feelings you feel, but if ever a feather were to (lightly) knock you on the noggin and give you an idea or two about what to do with those thoughts and feelings, you shouldn’t give it a second thought.

I’ve learnt that sometimes the best things in life are surprises, and inspiration’s one of them.

So whether it’s through a bottle of nail polish, a moonbeam, a Muse, or a feather, creativity’s going to surprise you when you least expect it to. And that’s an inspiring thought.


Listening Suggestion: Invisible Cities by Hayley Sales
Why? Anyone who knows me personally knows how much I love music, but only a handful of people know how much I adore the sound of an acoustic guitar. Well, this gorgeous piece by Hayley Sales is a perfect example of what I love about acoustic guitar. Her soft, slow, sweet, uplifting, and inspiring melodies are beautifully coupled with her guitar. It is inspiringly simple and simply inspiring. A sweet piece lacking in lyrics and public acclaim, but a real gem nonetheless.

Reading Suggestion: A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Why? The whole point of this book, for me, was the power of imagination and what it brings you. It was also about love, friendship, and magic…all of which are the same thing sometimes. It doesn’t take a lot of hard work to believe in your own beauty; it just takes faith. Even when times seem tough and when the world treats you like a scullery maid (or lowly chimney sweep), you’re still a princess (or prince). But only if you believe yourself to be.

I wish you peace, friend, and much love in the new year and every year after.


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