What is the first thing you notice about each person you meet? What’s the first thing you learn?

Each one of us is a raindrop, part of a storm. Each one of us is a snowflake, part of a blizzard.
We’re part of one gigantic entity, but who gets to decide which ones of us make it into a glass or a snowball?

I write collectively, but (in a roundabout way) personally too. An anthology is easier to look at than an individual piece because it’s simple to notice similarities between things of a common nature, but difficult to identify the differences.

Take, for example, a group of teenagers loitering around the mall on a Friday afternoon.
To the shopkeepers: Kids who never buy anything and scare away paying customers.
To parent shoppers: Children of irresponsible parents, no doubt.
To security: Potential trouble.
To almost everybody else: Part of the scenery, but I’m holding onto my belongings a little tighter, just in case.

Does anybody know that the kid with the spacers in his ear and snakebite piercings is really waiting for a chance to walk into the dinky-looking toy store to buy a Christmas present for his kid sister? You know, without getting looked at too suspiciously by the shopkeeper, does he stand a chance?
Does anybody know that the chick with the bellybutton ring and bright red lips is wondering if she’ll have to look for her mom in the alley near their apartment building tonight? You know, provided that it’s one of her ‘better days’, will they stand a chance?
Would anybody know any of that?

I don’t really think so.

It’s easy to look at the day and see the clouds, but at night?
Silence screams louder than noise, but nobody calls the cops when they don’t hear screams coming from five doors down.
The night is longer than the day, but if we’re all fast asleep does it matter?

What is the first thing you notice about each person you meet? What’s the first thing you learn?

What is the last?


Listening Suggestion: Who Are You by The Who
Why? Aside from having it stuck in my head all day (courtesy of my stepdad having purchased the 12.12.12 Concert for Sandy Relief album off iTunes), it makes sense to me for this post because of the question it poses in relation to image and identity. I have always loved the drive in this song, and singing along makes me feel like an owl (who who, who who). My childish notions aside, the simple repetition of the question leads to more inward focus when searching for an answer. Which leads me to ask: who are you?

Reading Suggestion: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson
Why? What could be better than a tale about one physical being with two natures to convey the coexisting and clashing ideas of image and identity? One that does this in an almost supernatural but scientific way too. Dive into Stevenson’s exploration of man’s nature and nature’s man, and meet Jekyll and Hyde. Don’t worry though, you’ll only meet one of them at a time. I hope.


One thought on “Solstice

  1. I am absolutely in love with your blog. It inspires me to be a better individual. You inspire me. The way that you see the world is through a scope of colored glass. You don’t let the imperfection shy you away from the beauty. Amazing.

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