It is funny what you can see after your vision is obscured by something. There is nothing chemically different about your eyes; there is no reaction that really takes place in the small units of life that should enable you to see more. Yet every time you cry, every time it rains, every time you open your eyes from darkness, everything is…brighter, more vivid, noticeable.

There is nothing that has changed about you, just the way you see things. It is kind of like being exposed to one thing makes you gain appreciation for the opposite. The things you notice for the first time have always been there. The sounds you hear after not hearing anything for so long seem amplified. The food you eat might even taste different, even if it is the same thing you’ve nearly always eaten.

After being so engrossed in yourself, in your own body, in your own troubled mind, the outside world looks different. Some people tell me that it is not good to be anti-social, to be quiet, to want solitude: but I say that it is necessary.

If you consistently look at the same things in the same light, you miss out on the little things…and sometimes it is the little things that define the big thing. By turning to yourself, to solitude, you unknowingly reevaluate yourself and your view on everything. The presence of something does not necessarily mean an absence of something else. Two things might be opposites, but does that really mean only one can exist while the other survives? (Yes, that was a Potter reference.)

The moon smiles down from the sky while the sun rules over the day, and the sun still glimmers at night through the moon.
Black and white make grey.

Or Dalmatians.

Or zebras.

Or pianos.

Or referees?

My point is that opposites can coexist in relative harmony, and that sometimes cloudy ceilings lead to clearer skies.


Listening Suggestion: King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men
Why? Aside from the fact that I’ve had this song stuck in my head the whole day, I think it actually does seem to fit today’s post. For me, the song is about seeing through fear. Fear clouds judgment, and overcoming fear leads to clarity. Courage and a strong head can lead me through trying times, and that’s what King and Lionheart means to me. That, and the echo-like musicality reminds me of the mountain air.

Reading Suggestion: Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume
Why? I can’t remember how old I was when I first read this, but I definitely underestimated its power. That’s a sad thing for a girl who loves to read to admit, but it’s true. Tiger Eyes is the story of a girl and her family dealing with grief, loss, and everything that comes with the two. It works within the context of today’s post simply because of the journey the girl takes and what she finds. Tiger Eyes is a little gem.


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